Institutions of the European Union

The institutions of the European Union promote the integration of nations through political and economic actions in different aspects common to member countries. What is the European Union? The European Union is a geopolitical entity made up of 27 countries and 7 institutions to which the member states validate their powers to carry out actions… Continue reading Institutions of the European Union

Government Authorities of Rome

The governmental authorities of Rome based their authority on institutions and popular representatives that concentrated the power of the Republic, directed towards a very well organized expansionist policy. Government of ancient Rome Rome’s political power actors determined well-defined lines of authority consisting of institutions representing the various strata of existing social classes. The authorities of… Continue reading Government Authorities of Rome

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Rome civil organizations

The civil organizations of Rome represented the interests of the nation for the well-being of its citizens, contributing to the political and social organization of the entire territory, with the ideal of building a strong republic with solid participatory foundations. Roman society Civil organizations are organized structures that seek to establish conventions within the social… Continue reading Rome civil organizations

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