European Roma Councils

5 April 2011, Brussels
On 5 April 2011, ERIO together with the Cabinet of the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Employment and Equal Opportunities, in charge also of the Migration and Asylum Policy, Ms. Joëlle Milquet, organised a study day entitled “European Roma Councils: a source of inspiration for Belgium”. The study day was held at the European Committee of Regions in Brussels. The meeting was attended by more than 100 participants, including different stakeholders such as representatives of Roma and non-Roma civil society organizations, foreign Roma councils, European institutions, experts on minority Roma, Sinti and Travellers issues, local authorities and media.

The aim of this study day was to:
  • Gather representatives of Roma Councils from different EU member states to share their experience in the setting up of these structures (mandates, strengths and weaknesses)
  • Discuss concrete practices of proximity in order to analyse and to learn lessons from the practices taken in other countries
  • Discuss the implementation of such Council in Belgium in connection with the Belgian reality
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