Learn your Rights

30 November 2011, Brussels
On 30 November 2011, ERIO organised a seminar on antidiscrimination entitled “Learn your rights on non – discrimination”. The seminar will focus on raising awareness on the rights of Roma to fight discrimination.

Although anti-discrimination legislation has been improved, there are still gaps for providing Roma with an effective protection against discrimination. There is a need for further development of anti-discrimination legislation and policies. The seminar contributed to fill this gap and focused on issues that can help promote equal treatment of Roma.

More specifically, the aims of the seminar were to:
  • Raise awareness about the current anti-discrimination situation against Roma in Europe, taking into account the multiple discrimination faced by Roma women and migrants;
  • Raise awareness about EU anti-discrimination legislation;
  • Provide a platform for Roma communities, experts and EU representatives to discuss possible solutions to address Roma discrimination;
  • Share positive practices to fight discrimination.
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