Anti-discrimination and Media

26-27 October 2010, Brussels
ERIO organised a seminar on anti-discrimination and media with the support of the European Commission and the Roma and Sinti Office of the ODHR- OSCE. The event was hosted by the U.S. European Media Hub.

The seminar aimed at raising awareness on anti-discrimination policies and legislation addressing discrimination practices in the media, as well as the need and the benefits of Roma participation in mainstream media. The main objective of the seminar was to deliver knowledge and exchange information on how young Roma can use media as a tool to fight discrimination, to change wrong perceptions and break prejudices and stereotypes related to Roma communities. A parallel objective was for participants to gain some practical skills of how to work with the press, radio and TV, how to take interviews and how to make sure their media reflects the reality correctly.

The seminar is part of a longer term strategy of ERIO to establish a European Media Network which will include Roma and non-Roma journalist and media representatives whose ultimate goal will be to change public opinion about Roma, to encounter hate-speech and negative portrayal of Roma in the media, to sensitize mainstream society and national authorities on Roma issues and promote diversity and equality as European values.
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